Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100

Top 7 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100 ( Buying Guide 2022 )

Long gone area unit the times once individuals wont to work with wired mice. currently, everybody uses a Wireless mouse. A wireless mouse could be a mouse that doesn’t have twine to attach to a pc or portable computer the best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100.

They use numerous wireless technologies like Bluetooth or infrared radio waves to attach to the portable computer or alternative devices. Most of them go along with a USB receiver that’s obstructed within the {laptop|laptop pc|portable computer} or computer. This receiver transmits signals to and from the wireless mouse.

As aforementioned earlier Wireless mice area unit, the latest trend as a result of no one needs to mess and waste time with wires once their area unit wireless mice out there within the market. Gamers particularly like Wireless mouse as a result of cords will persuade be trouble throughout intense diversion sessions.

Cords additionally hinder the free movement of the mouse throughout diversion and no gamer within the world would really like that. Even casual users do away with the casual twine mouse in favor of stylish Wireless peripherals.

However, the matter with Wireless peripherals is that they’re dear as compared to ancient twine mice. as a result of clearly advanced new technology network and hardware area unit wont to create a perfect wireless mouse which will vie with the potency and speed of the normal twine mouse. So, the general public doesn’t have the budget to merely pay $300-$400 on a mouse. and individuals area unit unable to make out that wireless mouse would be Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100 for them as a result of they’re not acquainted with them.


Connections USB, Wireless
Colour Dark gray
Motion detection technology To be
Brand Logitech
Hand orientation Ambidextrous

Logitech could be a well-known company, that manufactures a giant form of pc devices and is taken into account because of the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100 electronic device makers. they supply versatile mice in an exceedingly affordable tag. Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is one of the notable wireless devices free by Logitech.

The standard box of the Logitech M510 contains a Logitech receiver, a pair of AA batteries (pre-installed within the mouse), a user guide, and a guaranty card, that provides you a 3-year pledge for the hardware of the mouse. and Logitech’s wireless mouse is offered in dark gray, dark blue, red, and atomic number 6.

So currently you’ll be able to opt for the color that absolutely suits you. This mouse is compatible with numerous operative systems like windows seven, windows 8, windows 10, Chrome OS, and UNIX operating system kernel a pair of.6 +.

The engineer of this mouse is average. However, the mouse has been designed to supply the most comfort to the user. The wide user space and soft rubber grip of the mouse check that that the mouse ne’er falls out of hand. This mouse possesses numerous buttons in order that makes it straightforward to regulate the movement of the pointer.

Hence the user will withdraw and forth between completely different tabs quickly and fleetly. Also, these buttons permit the user to zoom and scroll handily. Moreover, Logitech M510 includes a particular battery life associate degreed it’s equipped with an on/off button, an electric battery indicator, etc. there’s additionally a feature named good Sleep that helps in conserving the ability of this mouse.

The buttons on Logitech M510 will be absolutely tailored thus you’ll be able to customize these buttons to try and do no matter what you wish like switch applications, gap the net browser, etc., and Logitech M510 is little in size however is capable enough of connecting up to six devices.

The mouse can instantly connect with your desktop, laptop, or another device, as before long because the receiver is obstructed into the device. The receiver, once not in use, will be unbroken in its area, that is within the battery compartment of the mouse. However, the mouse doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, because of that, it will be solely connected to a tool by obtaining signals from its receiver.

Moreover, there’s no would like of buying a mouse pad for this electronic device because it will move swimmingly on something sort of a carpet, word, and even garments. However, the mouse won’t work properly on slippery surfaces like glass and marble, order that will be problematic.

However, as aforementioned earlier, the mouse isn’t engineered with the simplest quality of materials, because of that once victimization for a few months, the body of the mouse starts to wear out, and added a number of its buttons become unresponsive. thus you can’t expect Logitech M510 Wireless electronic device to last for years unless it’s properly taken care of. Also, it’s not light-weight thus it’s not transportable.

If you’re a gamer, then this mouse isn’t for you as a result of this mouse isn’t designed for diversion and it lags once terribly fast mouse movements area unit needed throughout games. It doesn’t offer the low click latency that a diversion mouse provides. we tend to do have another choice for gamers on our list however this isn’t the simplest possibility for them.

Logitech M510 Wireless electronic device solely prices concerning $33.99 in total. you’ll be able to pass away simply from Amazon. At the top of the day, this wireless mouse will what a mouse is meant to try and do which too is only concerning $33. it’s an honest wireless mouse for casual users United Nations agency surf the net, play light-weight games for fun, and do the official procedure.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Good battery life.
  • Convenient button placement.


  • Not Portable.
  • Fragile Built.
  • Not suitable for gaming.



  • Hero 25K Sensor,
  • PowerPlay Compatible,
  • Tunable Weights
  • Lightsync
  • RGB – Black

If simplicity not to mention performance is your preference then Logitech G502  is that the right mouse for you. It’s a sleek product out there in multiple colors like blue, black, grey, and pink with an ideal style to suit absolutely within the user’s hands. Logitech G502 is that the latest of the classic mouse having 2 right and left buttons, one scrolling ball, and a CPI possibility.

You will realize it quite completely different from the new generation of diversion mice as a result of not like them Logitech G502 is right for everyday use and it’s specially designed to form even long hours of pc usage easier. It’s a universal mouse employed in each official and domestic spheres.

Logitech G502 could be a wireless mouse that will be connected to Notebooks, PC, Laptops, and computers of just about all types. it’s wide compatible with various vary of systems like UNIX operating system, aspect seven and eight and additionally Windows 7-8-10 and XP.

Having the outer layer product of plastic and rubber, this mouse is straightforward to carry and this makes it non-slippery. The measurements of this item area unit four.50 x 3.10 x 2.00 inches and it weighs around zero.32 ounces.

other than the four high buttons, this mouse additionally possesses 2 buttons on the perimeters to scroll down or scroll up the page of the pc screen. These buttons contribute to the speed of the pointer and enhance the expertise of the users. Logitech G502 additionally includes a thumb rest thus you’ll be able to rest your palm if you get bored with scrolling and dealing.

An overwhelming majority of wireless devices would like drivers put in to be practical however Logitech G502 doesn’t would like a driver to figure. All you wish to try and do is plug it in your {laptop|laptop pc|portable computer} or computer and begin victimization of it. and this device supports connections as huge as thirty-three feet all while not a twine.

You can additionally increase and reduce the pointer sensitivity and also the smoothness of Logitech G502 because it has 5 DPI levels 800,1200,1600,2000, and 2400 aboard 2 polling rates as 125HZ and 250 cycles/second. If you don’t apprehend DPI is that the scale that’s wont to live the sensitivity of the mouse.

Technically VLogitech G502 has a 5 DPI level thus you’ll be able to modify the sensitivity level of the pointer per the task you’re doing; high DPI level for diversion and lower DPI level for aquatics the net etc

Though the mouse is supercharged by one battery of AA; you don’t get to keep dynamic the battery with a replacement one each currently and so. The mouse has associate degree automatic performance of happening sleep mode, otherwise, you could decide its power-saving mode, once each 8-minute of inactivity.

This saves quite a heap of energy and power and thus this makes it a budget-friendly device. It’s good for all types of individuals, students, and staff.

The Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100 half concerning this mouse is that it’s cost-effective; this unbelievable mouse is offered for under $9.99 to $11.99. Logitech G502 has a lot of enticing and fancy options however it’s still out there at such an affordable value. This makes it a perfect possibility for those that wish to use a wireless mouse with advanced options at an inexpensive value.

However, if you’re a left-handed person, this could not be the simplest possibility for you as a result of it’s only designed for right-handed individuals. thus you must opt for another wireless mouse if you’re left-handed.

Moreover, not like alternative mice, there’s no warning for low battery thus you’ll be able to expect your mouse to die down within the middle of associate degree intense diversion session; which might be a true deal-breaker for a few. however beat all, it’s still an honest possibility for those that area unit trying to find a straightforward wireless mouse for low-end diversion.

This may not be your cool, fancy mouse however it positive is aware of a way to do its job absolutely. In concerning eleven bucks you’re obtaining a Wireless mouse with a sleek body, design, and smart quantity advanced options. What will be a stronger deal than this?



  • Sleek Body.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Good DPI range.


  • Only designed for right-handed people.
  • No warning for low battery.




Connections USB,   Wireless
Colour    Black
Motion detection technology   Optical
Brand   Anker
Hand orientation   Right

Does your hand or wrist joint get sore once work? If you’re disbursal hours on the pc for your official procedure, faculty comes otherwise you area unit a good fan of video games then it should be quite common to induce a sore hand or wrist joint once disbursal a few hours on your standard mouse.

If you relate to the current then you wish the Anker a pair of.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse. it’s well-known for reducing wrist joint pain and positions the hand of the users in an exceedingly healthy posture in order that they will play for hours while not feeling tired.

This vertical mouse includes a scientific technology style that promotes healthy and neutral “handshake” hand positions for swish movements with no stress or strain.

Moreover, it’s a tiny low light-weight wireless peripheral. Its dimensions area unit 120mm, 62.8mm, 74.8 millimeters and it weighs concerning three.4 oz. It comes with a tiny low one a pair of.4G USB receiver.

The build of the mouse can curve up together with your hand in such some way that the thumb can stay outside whereas the index is going to be on the highest of the mouse. Basically, it’ll position the fingers of your hand on the alternative aspect of the mouse.

This will cut back the pressure on your wrist joint and you’ll get obviate cramping, sore wrists, and stiff hand muscles with this unbelievable mouse. you will take it slow to induce won’t to this specific style, however, once you get won’t to it you’ll notice the benefits of the healthy hand posture that this mouse promotes.

If you see the highest of the mouse, precisely wherever the thumb rests, you’ll find the DPI switch button, additionally thereto the previous and next page button.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse possesses the 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical following Technology that gives a lot of sensitivity than a regular optical mouse. thus it offers ideal pointer movements and provides the precise following on a good vary of surfaces.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse is supercharged by a pair of abdominal aortic aneurysm batteries that last for a minimum of three months. thus you don’t worry concerning battery life whereas aquatics the net.

It additionally has associate degree automatic power save mode which suggests the mouse can switch to power save mode if left untouched for eight minutes. Moreover, the junction rectifier light-weight of the mouse acts because of the battery indicator. it’ll flash to let the user apprehend that battery is low.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse is additionally compatible with UNIX operating system, macOS, Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. most significantly it’s out there for simply $25.99 associate degreed it comes with an 18-month warranty; that is spectacular the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100.



  • Ergonomic design.
  • Impressive Battery life.
  • Cheap.


  • Does not allow customization of DPI.
  • Only suitable for people with small hands.
  • It can be Slippery.



Connections   Bluetooth
Colour  Black
Motion detection technology   Optical
Brand    Razer
Hand orientation   Right

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed could be a high-quality wireless gambling mouse that provides precise pointer movements and high-end pursuit performance that individuals typically expect from a fashionable wired mouse. Its measurements are 30mm x 60mm x 42mm and it weighs regarding 83grams.

Razer claims that Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed is twenty-fifth quicker than alternative wireless mice accessible within the market. It will simply carry on with the extreme clicking speed of gamers terribly simply. These can be the last mice free from the Basilisk family and so it clothed to be the foremost known mice of the family.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed encompasses a sleek, trendy style of the Basilisk family. It’s manufactured from plastic and encompasses a sloping surface, thumb grip, and angular front. However, as compared to the alternative Basilsik family product its style is less complicated and provides a solid grip.

The mouse has no RGB and the solely DPI switch has one lightweight. There also are 2 thumb buttons on the left facet of the mouse. These buttons are specially designed to supply quick and precise pointer movements. Razer claims that these buttons will support up to fifty million clicks that make it a decent possibility for gamers.

Plus Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed has a lot of programmable buttons. you’ll be able to use Razer conjugation three to customize these buttons. These buttons enable the user to access secondary functions so he/she will perform complicated movements handily. moreover, the mouse comes out of sleep mode by each clicking the button and movement.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed provides Dual-mode property. It will connect with a portable computer or another device through Bluetooth and HyperSpeed Wireless possibility. Connecting through Bluetooth saves power but the performance can go down a touch.

If you connect the mouse through Bluetooth; it will last for 450 hours. The mouse ought to be connected through HyperSpeed Wireless once precise and correct movements are needed throughout gambling sessions. once connected through the HyperSpeed Wireless option Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100; the mouse performs excellently and might last up to 285 hours.

However, in each case, Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed has spectacular battery life. It might last for nine months if you play games for associate degree hour each day.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed has five custom DPI levels therefore you’ll be able to alter the sensitivity consistent with the task at hand. It conjointly possesses the Razer 5G Advanced optical device.

This device provides the mouse with sixteen,000 DPI, acceleration of 40G, and pursuit speed up to 450 IPS. of these superb options contribute to the expertise of the user.

This mouse provides high-speed movements and low-latency even once gambling goes on at a hundred frames per second. within the intense gambling session, this mouse systematically performs well with low-latency rate and economical pointer movements.

It is accessible within the marketplace for $59.99 which might appear a great deal to folks particularly as compared to the worth of another choice we’ve mentioned already. however, Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed comes with such a large amount of advanced options and choices that it’s worthwhile.

It has a solid and engaging body; and performs likewise as any high-end gambling mice and it possesses fantastic battery life. This mouse offers these qualities and options for barely $59.99.

Plus it’s terribly appropriate for each gamer and casual user; as a result of it’s customizable, simple to use, and versatile in functioning. However, if {you ar|you’re} searching for wireless mice that are accessible at a so much lesser value than Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed; you ought to seek alternative choices on my list.


  • Solid Built.
  • Five custom DPI levels.
  • Dual-mode connectivity.


  • Limited buttons.
  • Not as cost-effective as its competitors.



Connections   Bluetooth
Colour   Classic black
Motion detection technology   Optical
Brand   UtechSmart
Hand orientation   Right

The UteachSmart Venus professional Wireless gambling Mouse is intended consistent with the requirements of the gamers; UN agencies are usually in do and die things in games and solely advanced pointer movements will save them. This mouse will carry on with the extreme pointer movements of gamers.

It is one of the simplest budget mice for skilled gamers. it’s accessible in classic black color. It weighs regarding eleven.2 ounces and has dimensions of four.6 x 3 x 1.5 inches. it’s compatible with Windows ten / eight / seven / aspect / XP / 2000, Linux, Mac OS X.

UteachSmart Venus professional has an associate degree engineering science style that ensures that the wrist joint of the user doesn’t get strained. It dead fits in your hand and lessens the wrist joint fatigue. it’s a griping coating on its side that enhances the friction between your hand and mouse.

There is another grinding coating on the mouse that produces it sweat-resistant. therefore your mouse won’t be slippy between intense gambling sessions. It conjointly has sixteen totally programmable buttons that you just will use for macro writing to help you in rising your gambling skills. you’ll be able to assign any functions or complicated commands to those buttons.

Its options totally customize RGB lighting. RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue — 3 colors of sunshine which will be combined totally different|in several|in numerous} ratios to supply over sixteen million visibly different colors.

It has four programmable RGB modes named Steady, Respiration, Neon, and Matte by UtechSmart computer code. and you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding the computer code installation because it will be put in simply by inserting the drive computer code card to USB port from your portable computer. it’s compatible with Windows98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Mac10.

Batteries are invariably a priority with Wireless mice however UteachSmart Venus professional offers the simplest battery answer within the market. It comes with an enormous battery that has 1000mA capability and might be recharged over three hundred times. in barely 2 hours, your mouse would be totally charged.

After 2 hours of charge, the battery can last for seventy hours so you’ll be able to get pleasure from an extended and uninterrupted gambling session. additionally, UtechSmart exploits computer code can allow you to monitor the battery performance too.

It options a PixArt PMW3335 ultra-accurate Optical device. 16000 is that the most DPI this mouse offers at the side of five DPI switchable stages and a thousand Hz polling rate. of these options make sure that the user has the foremost exciting MMO and Federal Protective Service gambling expertise.

Plus the massive adjustable DPI that ranges from 100-16000, and comes with UtechSmart easy computer code, will take the pointer accuracy to an entirely new level.

UteachSmartVenus professional Wireless gambling Mouse comes with twin. It possesses the newest revolution of the RGB MMO gambling mouse and offers high-end performance. With two four Gc information transmission technology; the mini signal receiver and stable one.5 m wire transmission; UteachSmartVenus professional Wireless gambling Mouse leaves even the costly peripherals behind.

The unbelievable property offered by UteachSmartVenus professional Wireless gambling Mouse ensures the quickest information transmission at intervals the vary of 10m.

One factor you ought to confine in mind is that even if this mouse is compatible with mackintosh OS X however the previous/next page thumb buttons aren’t recognized on the mackintosh OS X. but it’s a sensible gambling mouse that provides precise movement pursuit, multiple MMO buttons, and possess engineering science form.

Plus the UtechSmart Venus professional Wireless gambling Mouse is obtainable for $55 within the market. This mouse is right for game lovers UN agencies are searching for a wireless peripheral on a very budget.

It is not as costly as another peripheral we tend to mentioned during this article however it possesses engaging and advanced options appropriate for gamers and casual users alike.



  • Ideal for gamers.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Durable Built.


  • Not Portable.
  • People with small hands might not be able to reach side buttons.



Connections  Wireless
Colour  Flock
Motion detection technology  To be
Brand  Logitech
Hand orientation  Right

Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse was created especially to suit the natural curve of the hand. Logitech needed to form a mouse that may be sensible for joints of the correct hand which is why they particularly designed the M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse with a sleek contour.

This contour ensures that the hand grips the mouse properly and in a very manner that’s not harmful to right-hand joints. and it’s well-built and sturdy. The black and gray matte plastic it’s manufactured from provides it a sleek absorbing surface and makes it non-slippery. therefore Logitech M705 maybe your mouse if you would like a peripheral that’s ideal for your hand.

Logitech calls Logitech M705 a “small wonder” as a result of it’s truly terribly little in size that makes it transportable. you’ll be able to simply take it with you after you travel. and it comes with a little unifying receiver that you just will even confine your notebook or portable computer.

The receiver is therefore little that you just may even forget that it’s there blocked in your portable computer. The measurements of the receiver are14.4 mm x 18.7 mm x 6.1 millimeters and it weighs simply one.8g. The unifying receiver conjointly permits the user to synchronize multiple devices to at least one USB. this can be a serious advantage that comes with Logitech M705.

It has 2 durable buttons right underneath the thumb associate degreed an economical scroll wheel. It is fast, efficient, and precise in scrolling. The scroll wheel permits the user to fastly fly through sites with its quick movements or through its quick precise movements navigate slowly through lists of folders and files. and the user may customize the operation of the mouse.

This Wireless peripheral is reasonable but it still provides precise and correct pointer management. you’ll be able to simply navigate sites on most surfaces swimmingly with no problem.

For casual activities; it’s pretty much as good as any wired mouse. there’s very little to no latency or lag and also the mouse handles most of the movements terribly graciously even with a thousand DPI.

Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse is additionally a decent possibility for those eager to purchase a wireless mouse with a long battery. The battery of Logitech M705 will last up to three years therefore it saves your cash whereas conjointly serving to the setting of Earth. It conjointly provides low battery warnings through its indicator lightweight so you won’t be left with a dead mouse within the middle of associate degree activity.

However sure drawbacks go along with Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse. 1st of all, it can not be bespoken for left-handed folks; solely right-handed people will use it.

Hence left-handed folks ought to refrain from shopping for this mouse. Secondly, this mouse will be problematic for those folks that have larger hands. folks with larger hands than average have reportable that they felt uncomfortable once exploiting Logitech M705 for an extended amount.

Last however not least; this mouse can not be used for intense gambling sessions. It works well for casual functions i.e. scrolling the internet, pictures, and files, etc. you may even play lightweight games however it’s not created for intense and skilled gambling.

Overall Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse could be a sensible transportable mouse for people who travel a great deal and aren’t into serious gambling. it’s conjointly sensible for the joints of small-handed folks.

It’s durable, durable, well-built, and trendy too. moreover, it solely prices around $35 therefore it’s a decent low-end Wireless mouse that will everything a wireless mouse is meant to try to to.

If you’ve got a restricted budget, you’re left-handed and you simply would like a peripheral for basic activities then Logitech M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse is that the right peripheral for you.



  • Portable.
  • Unifying receiver.
  • The battery can last for 3 years.


  • Only designed for right-handed people.
  • Not suitable for intense gaming.




Connections  Wireless
Colour   Black
Motion detection technology   Optical
Brand   Logitech G
Hand orientation   Right

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless play Mouse is another economically superior peripheral discharged by Logitech for people who need a complicated Wireless mouse on a budget.

It is well-built, stylish, and sturdy. It received glorious reviews from critics and customers alike once it had been discharged. thence Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless play Mouse possesses the most effective of each world; it’s heaps of advanced options and it’s low-cost.

It’s fabricated from numerous textures and materials that contribute not solely to its shiny fashionable look however additionally to its sturdiness. The mouse buttons are fabricated from matte black plastic that is then encircled by shiny gray trim for shiny texture.

The palm rest encompasses a sleek rubber surface on the highest space and therefore the bottom half of the palm rest is created of textured plastic. Its measurements are one.73, 3.72, and 5.47 inches and it weighs three.77 ounces; that makes it one of all the lightest Wireless peripheral discharged by Logitech.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless play Mouse has commonplace buttons on the left and all along with 2 further buttons on the left of the quality left button.

These further buttons are accustomed alter the DPI level of the mouse and that they will be simply accessed with the finger. Moreover, six thumb buttons sit on top of the thumb rest.

These buttons are raised in order that they are straightforward to tell apart and therefore the user doesn’t get to investigate the buttons whereas taking part in games. The user may also customize the six buttons and assign specific functions to them. In total Logitech G602 has eleven buttons and every one of them will support up to twenty million clicks.

This stands as a testament to the spectacular quality and sturdiness of the Logitech G602. The Logitech G602 additionally encompasses a G-series Receiver which may hook up with heaps of devices with no lag.

Two AA batteries will power Logitech G602 and they’ll power this mouse through 250 hours of play. However, this mouse will even work with one battery and during this case, the battery can last for a hundred twenty-five hours of play.

You can use one battery just in case you don’t have 2 or if you wish to cut back the burden of the mouse to boost its movements. moreover, Logitech G602 goes into hibernation mode once not in use therefore the battery lasts for nearly 1440 hours or sixty days. thence you’ll be able to play games while not caring regarding the battery of your Logitech G602.

It is additionally equipped with a complicated Delta Zero device that provides five DPI levels between 250-2500. you’ll be able to keep the mouse at 250 once you are surfriding the net and use 2500 once you are taking part in games. The user will use buttons to regulate DPI forthwith at once. Logitech G602 ensures that the pursuit is lag-free and sleek.

The indicator management is economical and quick with a low-latency rate. This mouse is good for several games i.e. League of Legends, Dota two and Starcraft II, etc. thus if you play similar strategy games then the Logitech G602 Wireless mouse is good for you.

It is obtainable on Amazon for simply $79.88 that is awe-inspiring. At $79.88 you’ll be able to get a complicated and sturdy wireless mouse; nothing may well be higher than this. However, bear in mind these games need a DPI of regarding 6000 so if you play serious games like the decision of Duty and Counter-Strike then you must contemplate shopping for another peripheral.

At the top of the day, Logitech G602 is a formidable Wireless mouse that has increased user expertise and indicator management. you must positively die if you would like an honest quality mouse for lightweight play and surfriding the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100.


  • Fantastic Battery life with the option to have 2 AA batteries.
  • Strong Built.
  • Suitable for certain games.


  • Not ideal for intense gaming.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.

All these wireless mouses prices but $100 {and thusme|and a few} of them price even but $30 so even an individual with a restricted budget should purchase them however you have got to choose that one you wish to shop for.

Every mouse has its own specialty; some are ideal for play whereas others are smart for hand posture. the most effective budget wireless mouse is that the mouse that matches your wants.

For example, UtechSmart Venus professional Wireless play Mouse could be a smart choice for gamers. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Mouse is created for UN agency|those that|people who} suffer from joint and carpus pain and people who are on a really tight budget should purchase VicTsing MM057 that prices on the subject of $11-$12.

Hence there’s no single Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100 budget mouse. All mouses accompany bound and points and disadvantages. you have got to investigate and points of that mouse appeal to you and the way do the drawbacks of a selected mouse have an effect on your work. this can assist you in creating a wise call.

Hopefully, currently, you’ll be able to purchase a stylish wireless mouse for your pc setup.

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