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If you have never planted a garden before, it will be a good idea to start small. An easy size to handle would be about 4' by 8'. Select a spot that gets plenty of sunshine, at least 8 or 9 hours a day is best. Stake it off, and you are ready to prepare the soil. As you progress with your free garden designs and ideas to find out just how easy it is to raise an organic farm, you can expand your outdoor space as you go. What sets organic gardening apart from regular raised vegetable garden bed is the fact that you are not going to use commercial pesticides, or fertilizers.



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In fact, no chemicals of any sort will be used. As an example using our free gardening design ideas, when preparing your soil, instead of including the fertilizers, pesticides and such from the local garden store, you will simply spade, or till in natural compost, leaves and maybe some good sheep manure! You have a couple of ways to prepare the soil for spring planting. If you have at least 60 days before you want to plant, all you need is enough old newspapers to cover the area you staked off. Layer the newsprint with natural compost, and old leaves. Within about 60 days the grass beneath the newsprint will disappear, and you can begin planting.



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If you do not have that much time before planting season, simply take a spade, and remove the top 3 or 4 inches of soil along with the grass. If you have access to a rotor tiller, work the ground until it is nice and soft. You can do the same thing with your spade. Learn how to grow vegetables organic with best organic fertilizers. There is no end to the number of veggies you can grow. Even in a 4'X8" space you can grow tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, onions, green beans, and sweet peas. Not only will you be able to grow perfect vegetables, but you will also grow chemical free veggies that are much healthier, and better tasting than anything you can buy at the store.


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