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Each water garden with backyard design ideas is different from the next due to the fact that everybody incorporates a Japanese style design in a different way. It should be unique to you and your personality and it should be a place where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. So, just what kind of things can you place in a Japanese garden? There are various things which you can use within a Japanese garden in order to give it its character. These include plants, ponds, small waterfalls and rocks as well as ornaments. Generally no Japanese garden is complete without a little of each of the features mentioned, though they can vary in design compared to other gardens.



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Rocks for example provide a great centerpiece for our best Japanese backyard garden ideas and they can often be used as the building blocks in the garden. This is because many people find that once they have their rocks in place, the rest of the garden seems to fall into place really easily. Rocks come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and you can use them as simple ornaments or even as a bench. One of the most common uses for rocks in a Japanese garden is as stepping stones.



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Ponds and small waterfalls are also significant to a Japanese garden design and they really can add a sense of tranquility. There is nothing nicer than to sit and watch and listen to the water slowly moving. It really can bring a sense of calm to the mind and body and that is what the Japanese garden is all about. Finally the garden ornaments and planters are what finish the look of the entire garden. The plants do not have to be overly exotic – they can be simple and spread with gaps between them. The thing to remember when building an elevated garden is to not keep the plants planted too crammed together as Japanese gardens also symbolize space.


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Bamboo and Bonsai trees are often the most common plants kept in a Japanese garden as well as other small trees. The ornaments are generally used to give meaning to the garden and to help you lose yourself in thought about higher things in life. Overall Japanese gardens consist of many different things yet they all come together to create a garden plan with a tranquil and calm environment. They do not take much maintenance and they are not overly hard to create either. You just need to do a little research beforehand just to ensure you know what you are doing.


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