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In case you hadn’t heard, Evergrain changed the pigment in their decking at the start of 2009.  If the new composite decking hasn’t gotten to your local retailer or distributor yet, it soon will.  As a Kansas City deck builder, we’ve been building decks and screened porches with the new line since about the second or third week in January.  Kansas City Deck Supply is our metro area’s largest retailer for composite decking, Azek decking, aluminum and iron deck railing systems, deck lighting, and many other deck specialty products.  They switched their inventory completely at the beginning of the year. 



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Basically, the factory color will look almost the same.  The only major difference I can tell is in the “Cedar” color which looks more orange and much more vibrant.  All the other colors basically look a tad brighter and a little richer in the pigment coloring.  I’d say each and every color looks better than the previous. Even though the colors look nearly identical, you shouldn’t mix the old and new on the same deck.  Tamko, the manufacturers of Evergrain, say the new composite will not fade nearly as much as the old.  Therefore, you may not notice that much difference upon composite deck installation, but you’ll definitely be able to see the change as the old one fades and new hardly changes.  



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The change is great news for deck contractors and consumers.  Especially since the degree of fading was the only real weakness I’ve ever seen with Evergrain. You can tell the new product from the old by the tags on the ends of the boards.  The old tags are white while the new are a fluorescent yellowish green.  As far as the structural makeup, surface texture, and rot/mold/ mildew resistance, nothing has changed.  And why should it?  Like I’ve stated often times before, trex decking by far gives the consumer the best bang for the buck! Composite decks are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance needs and environmental benefits.


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However, homeowners who install composite decking are often surprised to find that when winter hits, their decking materials react differently to climate changes than a cedar deck would. The following is a look at what to expect from your composite deck in winter, as well as some maintenance tips. In theory, timbertech composite decking offers the best of both worlds. The wood provides strength and aesthetics, while the plastic provides protection against the elements. In reality, while the plastic does shield the wood from most moisture and sun damage, it doesn't always fully encapsulate every wood fiber. These wood fibers can fade when exposed to the elements, and may even rot away over time. During the winter, a composite deck plan may experience some discoloration, but will most likely hold up to the harsh weather conditions.


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As technology and manufacturing processes improve, exposed wood and discoloration are becoming less and less of a problem; however, it is something to be aware of. You can head off a lot of these issues by carefully selecting a quality composite deck manufacturer. Many homeowners who bought composite decking ideas when it was relatively new were shocked to discover that after being exposed to winter rains, their decks showed signs of mold and mildew growth. Despite the protective plastic in these decking materials, the wood fibers are still susceptible to mold and mildew, particularly in moist weather conditions. Many manufacturers now add mold inhibitors to the decking material to help prevent the growth of fungus.


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