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The first impression anybody has of your home when they visit is the outdoor entrance through which they go inside. Therefore, it's important that your patio is well maintained at all times. Be sure to keep it fresh and up to date because we all know that appearances can be everything. Your patio is as important as your garden and driveway because for guests it provides the first clue as to what to expect when they get inside your home. If it's dirty, untidy or unkempt it doesn't make a good first impression. Outdoor patio furniture design ideas to help patio designing with rattan, teak, and wicker furniture. Make sure your patio is always clean and looking welcoming.



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Try to keep it simple. At first glance, color is always the first thing that people will think about when looking at the front of a house. Try to make sure that your patio blends in with your house or compliments it. It shouldn't stick out like a sore thumb, but rather be at one with the rest of the house. You can do a number of things to decorate your patio but most people think a dining set is a good starting point. Remember to always keep in mind the color scheme and best style of a patio. You can use patio furniture just for decoration, but it can be equally useful as an actual outdoor dining area.



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A nice looking table with some chairs is a good start as teak wood patio furniture always adds a feeling of home to any living space. If you are the type of person who regularly likes to entertain friends and family, be sure to get a dining set with enough chairs. Six should be the minimum in this instance. The next issue should be deciding where to place your dining set. Remember that if you are entertaining, you will probably need to get in and out of the house so make sure there is enough room between the dining set and the entrance to the house. If you have lots of space, it could work in the center, but with less space, it would be best to locate the outdoor patio furniture table nearer to a wall.


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Also remember to consider the material of your patio furniture. If your patio is out in the open and has no awning or roof, be sure to buy furniture that can wipe down easily and resist the elements. Wooden teak outdoor furniture is a hard wood that is durable and resistant to the elements while being highly resistant to rain, sun and pests and is sure to last a long time without much maintenance. However, there are many good materials that should be considered. Decorating a patio with cast aluminum furniture is lighter and also easy to wipe down, while wrought iron is heavier and sturdier, but not as easy to clean. Wicker furniture is another option, especially if your patio has a roof or cover above it. If you don't mind spending a little extra time cleaning your outdoor furniture, it may still be an option.


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Wicker furniture is a common material chosen due to its durability. Learn how to grow a tropical garden for your new deck or patio with wicker furniture to bring you right back to aruba. Furniture styles are still around, wicker furniture has come a long way. Today's upscale wicker furniture is designed with sleek lines, rich colours, and a distinctive style that will bring a stylish look to any poolside retreat or backyard landscape deck. Decide which style is for you before sticking with the older styles. There are more looks available than ever before. While furniture made out of natural wicker can be beautiful, it can also be a magnet for dust and isn't stain resistant. This can be a problem for some, its fun to find the best outdoor wicker furniture for a new patio deck. Wicker is a woven material and has many crevices for dust and dirt to hide.


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