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Composite wood decking are fake wood materials composed of plastic and scraps of wood formed into planks, rails and studs -- has been rising in popularity among homeowners since its introduction years ago. And while wood is still in widespread use, builders looking for increased durability and longevity look to composites to fill their needs. If you're a homeowner deciding whether to build a deck plan, you've got a lot of decisions in front of you. The most important choice you face is what kind of deck you want to build. Will it be a porch? A barbecue area? A pool deck? The choices are limited only by your budget and your creativity, so this will undoubtedly be the most challenging decision. But it won't be the only one.


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What is composite decking made of to make it look so real yet last a very long time without damage. DIY decking enthusiasts often come to decking professionals with a variety of questions about what kinds of materials they should use. Here are six of the most common questions: Will a composite decking system look good? Composite deck materials are designed from scratch specifically to be used on outdoor decks. Because of this, the design of composite decking systems incorporates a flawless, consistent look, free of knotholes, raised grain areas, or imperfections. Wood materials, like cedar decking and ipe hardwood decking ideas, look great in their own right, but can sometimes feature minor imperfections that might not match your style. Composite decking systems have a more consistent look.



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Composites, while attractive, may not be the best choice with deck builders who want a more rustic look to their decks. The planks in most composite decking systems are made from reclaimed wood scraps and sawdust, mixed with recycled plastics. Buying composite wood decking often relieves the demand for virgin wood. And while some environmentalists have raised concerns about the non-biodegradable nature of composite decking, many agree that using composites is much friendlier to the planet than using harsh wood treatments to preserve wood decks. They sure are. Once again, the design of composite decking materials is geared specifically toward deck construction - making most systems easy to install. Products by companies like Trex Deck and Geodeck often feature tongue-in-groove design, turning assembly into a weekend project.


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In fact, they're known for their durability. Procell decking, for instance, is resistant to scratches, and is designed to retain its grain over time. Almost all composites are also unattractive to insects, saving you from worrying about termites and woodlice. Most of the problems we associate with aging wood decks - warping, cupping, twisting, and so on - simply aren't problems with composite decking. A system that uses these composites will last for years without a substantial economic or maintenance investment. Initially, you're likely to pay more for a composite decking system. But think of it as an investment: In the long run, you'll spend less money. With composite deckings, there's almost no upkeep cost, in dollars or man-hours.


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You won't spend a dime on water-sealant or wood deck stain, because there's no need to treat or restain composite wood. You'll only need to sweep off leaf litter in the fall, and hose the deck down when it gets too dusty. And when you factor in the increase in property value and quality deck brings to your home, it makes even more financial sense to go with a composite wood decking system. Most kids hate wearing shoes, right? Meaning that in summertime, you're constantly on the lookout for wood splinters and burned feet - if you've got a wood diy deck design plan. But since a composite decking system won't splinter, warp or heat up in the sun, you won't have to worry.


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