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Hardwood Floors vs. Carpet

There is a general consensus that carpets hold dirt and germs more than hardwood floors or any hard surface flooring. This may be true if the carpet is not regularly cleaned. If you have a routine of regularly vacuuming and cleaning your carpet it will actually be better for your overall health as compared to hardwood flooring. The carpet will act as a filter in that it will trap airborne particles where as hard surface flooring just allows these particles to continue following whatever air currents there are in the house.


Cleaner and Heathier Floor

I am sure everyone has noticed how dust bunnies collect in the corners and nooks and crannies of houses with hard surface flooring. Even these can be cleaned up with regular cleaning, but until they are cleaned up they will float around the house causing potential problems, especially for those with respiratory ailments. In the case of carpets these can act as an effective filtering system trapping these airborne particles in the carpet holding them there until you vacuum them out. The key is regular vacuuming to prevent too much of a build up in the carpet. This should be done at least weekly and in the high traffic areas it would be advisable to clean this area daily. With this routine of cleaning you should not have to have your carpets cleaned professionally very often. You will also find that you should not have any issues with airborne particles and the respiratory problems that accompany them.


Walking Comfort

Another benefit of carpet versus hard surface flooring is the comfort it brings. It is soft to walk on and gives a warm comfortable feeling, especially on those cold winter months. If you now have hard surface flooring such as hardwood or laminate flooring I am sure that you have experiences what happens when you accidentally drop anything that is fragile. Not very many survive the experience and if it is one of your prized possessions then all that is left is the tears. With carpet that is usually not the outcome. This is especially true if you have invested in a high quality underlay which is very important for both your comfort and the longevity of the carpet. The underlay is truly the foundation of your carpet. It will not only add to the overall comfort of your carpet but it will also add years to its life. A high quality underlay will not breakdown in the high traffic areas as quickly as a cheaper one. This means that when you clean your carpet it will look the same overall and will retain its original look for many years to come.


When it comes to the question of carpet versus hard surface flooring it should not be an issue of which one will be cleaner or healthier. As I have shown a carpet in many ways will be the cleaner and healthier choice. It really should come down to what you want for yourself.

Article Source & Arthur: Ryan Hull

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