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At TimberTech, they have 2 different types of deck planks, each shaped differently to best utilize 2 different types of fasteners. One is a tongue & groove type of plank, with the screws being adhered down at an angle. The screws themselves are not seen once the deck is completed, because the next plank covers the last screw. How to build a composite deck design ideas with outdoor composite decks, siding, and outdoor deck pictures.



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The deck planks for this type of tongue & groove option are much thinner -- almost hollowed out to give the effect of very deep "channels" along the entire bottom side of the board. According to TimberTech, this type of plank must remain 12 inches off the ground, in order to allow for enough ventilation around the boards at all times -- mostly because the tongue & groove effect (which makes for easier installation) literally closes the gaps between the boards. Therefore, with this type of plank, air must circulate over and under the boards, rather than through them.



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The other type of plank available at TimberTech is a solid core composite -- much like the original planks that most composite deck companies started with. This type of plank is secured into place using "gap fasteners" which precisely give you the exact amount of spacing between each plank that you need for maximum air circulation -- over, under, and through the boards themselves. Learn why build a composite deck using easy to install trex decking material. The gap-spacer is the type of fastener I prefer. I want as much natural ventilation as possible on a deck like this -- especially when mold & mildew are the number one enemies of composite decks.


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