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When I was growing up, in my home the family room, kitchen, and bedrooms seemed to have all the pizzazz and lure. The one room that was just functional and quite boring was the bathroom. This was not only in my home but was the trend for all the other homes I visited. Lighting for the bathroom design plan has custom features aesthetically pleasing but without visual design. Most homes and apartments during this era had only one bathroom so this was not a room that was meant for relaxation or to pamper one's self. You should just do your business and leave. Talking with many friends and relatives, in recent years, this room has come full circle. It seems architects and home designers have taken the correct approach.



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They have made this room spacious and luxurious which captivates the prospective buyer or renter. Once it's yours the possibilities are endless.What seems to set the tone for the entire space is the bathroom wall tile. For a timeless feel and effect most consumers stay with earth tones and add brighter colors through accent tiles and accessories. This seems to breathe a sense of freshness and tranquility. There are so many choices. You will never be at a loss for inspiration. Your biggest challenge may be choosing the best products and design for your project. There are numerous materials, colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. Some of the materials are porcelain, marble, metal, limestone and ceramic.



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Most commonly used material is ceramic since it is easy to clean, extremely durable and the most economical. For a focal point choose a grout color that contrasts. True classic designs that you see most often are the harlequin patterns. It consists of an arrangement of diamonds rather then squares. The other pattern is more traditional. It uses splashes of patterns and colors on the tiles. You can place some tiles vertically or diagonally or try a boarder tile which will give your wall a sophisticated unique look. Another way to make the bathroom your second home or sanctuary is to add some wall sconces or candle holders. Many of us tend to place some candles around the tub for ambience. For true serenity and warmth the sconce or candle holder provide the same effect when lit or not. They exhume luxury and add a romantic illumination of light.


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There are various styles and designs from Contemporary to Victorian and will match anyone's decor style. Some materials that they are made from are crystal, brass, metal, pewter, resin and Tiffany glass. The assortment of candles is broad. There are tea lights, votives, aromatherapy, federals, tapers and pillars. Whichever you choose the aura will be striking and filled with excitement and drama. To distinguish your unique personality with what will mesmerize and demand attention, choose a bathroom wall mirror that looks like a piece of art This accent can heighten the ambiance and reflect the true beauty of the room. These mirrors make an individual take notice and can be as calming as a painting.


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Traditional bathroom wall mirrors look best when framed and contemporary designs look good unframed circular or beveled. They are a work of art available in a wealth of styles and shapes. Framed mirrors give the impression of being larger then they are. They can also reflect a favorite object in the room, increasing its presence. Mirrors create an illusion of space while bringing more natural light into the room. When deciding on a mirror, you should compliment the other furniture and accessories in the room. A mirror can become the focal point or the inspiration for your decorating theme. This piece adds impact, illusion, sparkle and function to your space. This one touch maximizes its contribution to your bathroom. Soothe your senses and get started on building your ultimate retreat that will add a pleasing and comforting aura to your master bathroom experience.


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