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Whether you're finishing an unfinished basement or just framing one individual wall, here are a few things that I would like you to keep in the back of your mind, while working on your project. Framing a new basement wall will not be complicated as long as you follow a few of these time-saving steps. Let's start with framing a simple wall that will be dividing a large room. Let's say that this wall is going to be 16 foot long and will have one doorway, located in the center. The first thing we're going to need to do is to get the building materials into your new basement design plan and this is where our first basement wall framing secret is going to save you time and frustration.



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A lot of homes that have basements, have limited access or in other words, there is usually one stairway and this is the only access to the basement. If you're going to build a wall, the most important thing you need to remember, is to have all of your building materials, in the basement, before you start doing any work. Especially, the large stuff like drywall sheets or any long two by fours that will be used during construction. Sometimes, your new wall will create difficulties in maneuvering, large construction materials around. If however, you get all of your building materials in the basement, before you start working, you won't be boxed in or have a hard time maneuvering, some of these large building materials around.



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Sometimes a little common sense can go a long way in the construction industry. Something else to think about, would be any large furniture, that might be staying in one of these rooms. I have seen people build walls and doors only to find out later that the furniture won't fit through the new doorway. Try to think about as many problems as you possibly can and solve them before you start work on your new basement walls. It must be really unpleasant when your basement smells musty or moldy due to leaks or seepage in your basement walls. Water may seep through the cracks in the wall and cause a big problem like damaging the furniture and carpet.

High moisture level in the basement is also caused by the moisture that enters through the walls. Spores and molds can multiply and spread all over the house and cause allergy. In fact, most people are allergic to them although they do not even realize it. If you don't do something about it, your health and even your house might be at risk. Thus, to prevent or fix wall leak, waterproofing basement walls is necessary since it that can prevent water or moisture to ever enter the house. Waterproofing basement walls can help in getting rid of molds and spores. Most people only pay attention to their inner basement walls and do not realize that the quality of the outer walls is more important. Besides, a solid house foundation is also very important.


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If you fail to maintain the two important things above, the basement walls may crack, leak and become damaged. If the leak has caused a major damage, fixing the walls will surely cost you a lot of money. If your home has a basement and you happen to live in area with high humidity level, rainy climate, or high risk of flood, waterproofing basement walls is a must. First of all, you can start with waterproofing the inner basement walls which is normally easy to do. You can apply various methods such as applying basement waterproofing products. The steps including removing molds, mildew, or other damages caused by water, filling holes and cracks with mortar, and painting the walls with waterproof paint.

When you are done with the inner walls, move on to the outer walls. Since waterproofing the outer walls is more difficult, you will need professional excavation services which normally cost a lot of money, but worth the result. Additionally, you will need to make sure that the outer footer drains is located around the house foundation perimeter, since it functions to prevent water from entering the house. The drains also whip away extra water to a place away from the footer. You must make sure that the drains in the basement also work properly, otherwise your house can get flooded. Thus, it is very important to check for any blockage or damage.





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