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A beautiful and functional basement lies on a good basement design idea. Having a plan or design will tell exactly if renovation is going according to how you want it. The challenge is on what to do next. Another strong consideration is figuring out how to do it. In the process, you will have to do a little research. Perhaps this article will help you.To get your basement design idea running, it is always easier if you know some basic tips to optimize your plan. Here are some important pointers that you should know: Glass fixtures can be used both on basement windows as well as on doors. This will allow more light to come in during the day and saves you electricity costs.



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Instead of using solid wooden doors for your entrance door leading to your basement, design it that you will have a glass fixed in it. It doesn't only give more light but also prevents someone from being slammed while going up in the basement stairs. This basement design idea is used in so many households today. The basement plan should be applicable to a multi-functional room. It gives you more freedom to explore on other concepts in optimizing your basement's usability. Especially if your den has a lot of space, you might want to check on each corner. For example, you might want to use the dark sections as a mini-theatre since light is not likely to set in. It's a very practical basement design idea everybody can agree on.



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Use colors that are light and easy to the eyes. Light colored basement wall designs tend to project an illusion of a bigger space. You might want to consider pastel colors. Mirrors are good options too but be cautious of its impact to the entire interior design. Make sure to put them in areas where light is most abundant. The basement design idea of using mirrors is not popular in though. Ducts and basement plumbing pipes should be engineered with aesthetics. Your basement is usually where the pipes and ducts are accessible and therefore visible. Considering this should help you in planning your basement design idea. Tell your architect to place those pipes in sections where it can be easily concealed. Allow more ceiling clearance at the center. Putting this in perspective will also give you more options when you hope to remodel a basement in the future.

Waterproofing a basement is a very important step towards your remodel. Select materials that are waterproof. This basement design idea must be taken seriously at all times. The basement is the lowest point in your home. This is why the plumbing and ducting fixes are done because your drainage settles and converges here. When fixes are made, spills are most probable. Make sure your basement is made of ether tiles or vinyl so it's easy to mop off the spill. It's helpful to keep these general tips in mind regardless of the purpose your basement. Include these in your basement design idea. Ask friends or a family member what they can add to it. Your basement is also a room in your house. Think of it that way and you'll be getting better results from your concepts.


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With several basement design plans and ideas to choose from, you can turn a wasted and abandoned basement into something exciting and useful place in the house. A basement design doesn't have to be costly and difficult. All you need is careful planning and a little creativity. Here are some ideas that you can use in remodeling that useless basement. You can turn your basement into a home office. With the number of Internet-based jobs growing these days, people are increasingly finding it more convenient and cost-efficient to have an office in the house. The basement is a perfect place for this because it is quiet downstairs. A table, some chairs a computer with Internet connection, a telephone line and some cabinets are basically the things that you need.

Download free basement software, enabling you to design a finished basement plan. You can also choose to make a home theater out of your basement. This basement design is among the most popular these days, considering the availability of reasonably priced LCD flat screens available in the market now. A spacious movie/TV room complete with large speakers and cozy chairs will be a wonderful experience for the entire family and friends. You may decide to make your home theater basement to double as arcade room. Just place a pool or ping pong table and some game machines in one corner away from the LCD screen. This works best in spacious basement.





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